Dancing in the Pool of Knowledge

Dancing in the Pool of Knowledge

Dance in your own pool of Knowledge!

For many years on ancient lands I have seen what only as I describe as ribbon dancers, dancing the energy lines of this sacred land, including the land which is now covered with our oceans, have we forgotten to dance the dance of our ancestors?


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Art speaks a language to your soul!

Art speaks a language to your soul!

Here we are in the world of blogs, a strange thing for me as I am not much of a writer,I will blog mainly in the form of art, words being a human concept created from the ancient drawings and symbols that we find on ancient stones and deep within our caves and who says those meanings that are projected onto us are correct anyway so lets just go to the core and that is what I intend to do with these blogs, somewhere along the way it may activate something deep within and question your current understanding of your reality that has been presented through programming of our timelines.