Bob Marley

Bob Marley

I created this painting many years ago, I had no idea why!
A few years ago I found myself booking a holiday to Jamaica a place I never thought I would visit, I knew that I had to visit the place of Bob Marleys birth and where he was laid to rest and also knew I had to bring this painting with me.

So off we went in a taxi 3 hours later we arrived at Nine Wells as we entered Mount Zion the was a sense of peace and beauty.

I carried my painting around with me thinking I would leave it somewhere in the grounds and as it is painted on card I felt it would stay there and disappear into the landscape. Eventually after sitting for a while on Bobs pillow 2710_66965241761_6714614_n

we entered the room where Bobs tomb is contained, the man they call the Captain Crazy wanted to know what I had in my hand I showed him and explained the essense behind he nodded his head, he got me! he told me to put the painting on the tomb which I did he stated the painting would stay there and not be moved, after he took me around the corner and there was another painting very much the same to this one I created. Well to say I was blown away was an under-statment.

Happy Birthday Bob A true messenger x


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