The pure energy (or prana, the ancient Vedic word for life-force) that trees release has to do with their absorption and accumulation of water, sunlight and etheric light – the source of all creation. With their branches like antenna, trees act as conduits for this heavenly light – absorbing it, transforming it and radiating it out again in a more usable form for the wider environment. Certain trees generate an abundance of prana – these are generally large, healthy, older trees growing in natural forest environments. In the past the sick and infirm were laid beneath the canopy of such healing trees to be renewed by the abundance of life-force found there. Often these highly energized areas became sites for future healing centres.

Collectively, the forests of the world create a vast network of interlinking energy. Like a giant globe of golden light surrounding the planet, it supports and balances the earth’s ecosphere and provides etheric nourishment to assist all beings to co-exist in greater harmony. Large old trees act as anchors to ground this energy. Such trees are conduits of universal energy on a huge scale and, in addition, these older trees hold the vibrational templates for the younger ones. However, through the extensive and ongoing logging of these once vast natural forests, the protective quality of this mantle of energy is being severely weakened. The results of this are all too painfully apparent – stress, strife and suffering – from the micro to the macro levels.Image


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