Same energy different names.

Brigid’s story, we must speak of her title, “the Mary of the Gael.” This is attached to her in the most ancient records. It can be traced back to her own century, when the legend arose that a Druid prophesied before her birth that she should be “another Mary, mother of the great Lord.” It is attached to her, down the ages, in native writing

She was, and continues to be, known by many names. Referred to as Bride, Bridey, Brighid, Brigit, Briggidda, Brigantia, Maid Marian

Like many other Goddesses, Maid Marian’s story has changed and evolved over the years to suit the needs of Her people. We know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “Is Maid Marian a Goddess? I thought she was Robin Hood’s girlfriend. How can she be a Goddess?”

Well, let’s look at that for a minute. Our first clue is Her name: Marian. Let’s break her name down a little more simply.  MARY – ANN. The first part, “Mari” or “Mary,” should be clear. You can probably think of a Goddess or two who goes by that name.  In fact, Marian means “of Mary.”  In some versions of Her myth, Marian is even a devotee of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The second part of Her name, “Ann” or “An,” comes from the Goddess Diana. 

The name Brigit itself means either “Fiery Arrow”, “Bright One”, or “High One” in the ancient

her son’s birth was boldly declared to be miraculous, and therefore she was called …the Virgin Mother.” (p.76) “The highest titles were then bestowed upon her. In Greece, she was called Hestia

Hestia the Solar Mother

Goddess of Augury
Goddess of Augury in Druid tradition, poetry (filidecht) was associated with augury (fiosachd or fàisneachd). So Brigit was also the patron of prophets and seers (fiosaiche). She was said to have foreseen the future of Christ when she was his nurse:

The augury Brigit made for her Foster son (Jesus)
She made a pipe within her palms:
‘I see the Foster son by the well’s side,
Teaching the people assuredly
I set the augury towards the well,
And truly that was righteous work,
The King of kings teaching the people,
Yonder I see Christ, assuredly.

The symbol of Britain – the Goddess Brigantia or Britannia, (still found on their fifty-cent coin) is Brigid in her aspect as Goddess of Sovereignty or Guardian of the Land.

I just see it like this…….

bay of bridgit


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