Butterfly Valley

butterfly valley 2

I wanted to visit Butterfly Valley so I did.  I was not disappointed more beautiful than that I could of ever imagined.

The crystal clear water of a hue of turquoise blue with rainbow arcs darting accross the calm water.  Butterflies flying around and surrounding us as we sat on the beach and as I walked deep into the valley towards a beautiful waterfall, here the energy were streams of violet lights dancing on the leaves and the flowers.

I stood under the waterfall Ice cold water pounding on my crown chakra, a cleansing a purifying of my being.

I was stripped bare once more, more sensative than before, my view on the world changed yet again, with it has come a greater sense of my place in this world, the nature of humans and  actions, an in-tolerance to certain ways & my voice to stand up to my rights , a greater connection to the land that we walk live and breath on.

he Waterfall: Cleansing and Clearing

Water can dissolve, absolve, wash away, and regenerate. Water represents the cosmos in its entirety. It is the liquid counterpart of light. As rain, it is the inseminating power of the sky god, fertility. As dew, it is benediction and blessing.


Waterfalls are a part of Shinto shrine rituals. It is said that Dr. Usui meditated by the waterfall before he ascended Mount Kuriyama. Waterfalls are brought into being by water falling from a higher place to a lower place, signifying the unity of the Divine and the Human. Because of its great height, the waterfall has the tremendous power of water in motion, symbolizing new creative potential.
In the purification rites of the ancient world, one enters the waterfall naked to show one’ s vulnerability and openness to the power of God. The pool at the bottom of the waterfall encloses the sacred and is the pool of purification. One stands under the waterfall to show humility and asks to be cleansed of all disease and impurities and re-created pure of heart.


Water itself is undifferentiated, unmanifest, potential energy. Water is the first form of matter and is associated with mother, birth, and the womb of the earth, prima materia. There is a Japanese concept called nagare. It means the flow of life. Water flows in successive movements of endless renewal. Rivers, leakes, streams, and other bodies of water but especially waterfalls are favored as places of meditation and purification, renewal and re-creation. Water in all its forms is a wonderful metaphor for Life.

Thank you Butterfly Valley.  Thank you for the transformation x

butterfly valley 6

butterfly valley


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