I was at a concert the other day .  It has prompted me to write this post, the event was amazing and the performance was amazing , however I have to ask the question how many people there truly engaged with the artist they had paid good money to go and see, NOT MANY why you may ask, well I will tell you, 90 per cent of people watched the concert through their mobile phone and i pads constantly waving them in the air , so what they watched a distorted image putting a block between themselves and the artist , did they realize I guess not!  Did they connect no they did not.

Not only is it dis-respectful to other people in the audience who do not want technology flung around their faces it is also very disrespectful & ignorant to the artist, I know as an artist myself how I would feel if people viewed my works of art through a mobile phone rather than direct contact eye to eye, or eye to canvas not eye to electro screen.

No one really likes to be watched through a mobile phone, its a tad strange and creepy how would you feel if people were talking to you face to face through there mobile phone when your standing right in front of them?

 I have just come accross a article which I actually agree with 100 per cent.

All the above goes for all those special moments events.



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