Thank you Mercury my Brown Bear!

Worshipping a bear may have been a religion among the ancient hunter tribes in Eurasia and even of Neanderthal man. Drawings of bear worship have been found in caves in Southern Europe dating back tens of thousands of years. Finnish bear tradition reflects the religious and ideological system of different eras starting from shamanism and ending in the belief of evolution in the Western societies. During the Catholic era St. Birgitta became guardian of the bear. Hunters turned to her so that she would keep her bears under control.There is a cycle (see the Stag / Deer) where by the famous Bear (or Human-Bear) Hunter chases the Stag that steals the sun in order to return it. This would relate the Bear in astronomy to Bootes the Hunter / Herdsman or Arcturus and the returning sun. However there is confusion around whether the legends relate to Bootes or Ursa Mino



The planet Mercury, or Budha, is the one which lies nearest to the Sun and is said to receive seven times more light and heat from it than our Earth, whereas the beautiful Venus gets only twice the amount received by the Earth. So there is no doubt but that “Mercury is, as an astrological planet, still more occult and mysterious than Venus.” (S.D.,II, 28)

It also occupies a very important place in ancient Mythology, as it represents the principle of Buddhi—Esoteric Wisdom—and is therefore identified with the god of Wisdom, known under various names. In one place in The Secret Doctrine the Planet Mercury or Budha is designated as the “Lord of Wisdom” (II, 27), and in another place it is said that “the men of the Lord of Wisdom (Budha Mercury), not the sons of Soma (the Moon,) are immortal” (II, 44). The day of the week which is named after this planet, Budha—Wednesday, was also, we are told, “sacred both to Hermes and Thot.” (II, 367)

Furthermore, “Ancient Mythology includes ancient Astronomy as well as Astrology. The planets were the hands pointing out, on the dial of our solar system, the hours of certain periodical events. Thus, Mercury was the messenger appointed to keep time during the daily solar and lunar phenomena, and was otherwise connected with the God and Goddess of Light.” (I, 389




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