2013 – The Year of the Venus Star


Life is about connection and appreciating nature’s beauty as we each express in our own unique way the Venusian qualities of love, harmony, beauty, balance, creativity and peace.   This is the Year of the Venus Star where the sense of family and community, one world, one light is expressed in every aspect of our life.  The male compliment of the Venus star and the Goddess expression of love is Father sun.  The sun is the center of our universe, empowering and supporting those who walk with the balance of their head and heart, stepping forward with courage to now lead those awakening.  Those committed to walking a path of beauty as an expression of the Goddess.

The symbol from nature that gifts us with the wisdom of this year is the scallop shell.  Its beauty lays within the message it carries.  The lines and grooves of the scallop shell represent the journey we have each taken.  If you look at the origin where the lines and grooves begin there is a single point.  This is divine spirit, the source of all life.  When we enter the human expression we each choose our path and the grooves represent the path we have chosen and those who join us on our journey also choosing their path.  It is up to us how we see how the paths that parallel our journey affect our life.  Do we embrace each experience and learn the lessons we came here to experience or do we hold on to the emotions of judgment and fear.  It is always our choice but the scallop shell helps us remember that we have the choice to become rays of light moving out into the world accepting each other for who they are.  When you turn the shell around it clearly displays all paths will eventually move into a place of oneness and unity.


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