ST Elvis


I ponder as I write this.  I know I am wanting to write a blog however am clueless as to what will come……………………….

So maybe I should just put up a piece of art I have painted and go from there…………..


ST Elvis.

Ah Ha!!!  Well what about St Elvis.  There is not very much written about St Elvis.  At this point I should maybe explain St Elvis is a sacred site just outside of Solva in Pembrokeshire.

Image       Image Image          

Double-Chambered Tomb in Pembrokeshire. Now badly damaged this tomb has its two capstones surviving, each supported by 2 uprights. The larger of the capstones on the eastern chamber measures 3.7m by 3.1m. One of the sidestones has been used as a gatepost and other large stones in nearby walls may also have been plundered from the chambers.  Text taken from

Mention should be made of the name of St. Elvis, in actual fact the saint’s name would have originally been Ailbe (Ailfwy, Elfyw, Elfeis, Elvis, Elouis),  He died between 527-531 AD and was the nephew of St. Non who was the mother of St. David. A great Irish saint, he had many churches named after him, and there is also a St. Teilo’s well on the farm, to which the pilgrims making their way to St. David would also stop at for its healing power.  There is a folktale that pilgrims who were very ill would be left by the cromlech and given holy water, and should they get visited by a raven during this time, their end was nigh.

Elvis Presley is of course also linked to this saint, by dint of his first name and that his surname is very similar to the nearby Presceli mountains, there has been a great deal of speculation on this but only family history can prove that his parents came from this part of the world and gave the name of a saint to Elvis Presley. Text taken from


With a twist there is also this…………….


The king of rock and roll Elvis Presley may have been Welsh.

A Cardiff academic has published new evidence that Elvis’s ancestors came from the Preseli hills in west Wales.


Fans who make the pilgrimage to Graceland in the American Deep South, have long believed their hero was of mixed Scottish and Cherokee blood.

But Terry Breverton, who lectures in business studies at University of Wales Institute, Cardiff, claims in his new book – the A-Z of Wales – that this is a distortion of the truth.

According to Mr Breverton, his roots are in west Wales – the name Presley is related to Preseli – a hill range in Pembrokeshire.

Supporting his theory is the legend of St Elvis of Muster who, it is said, baptised St David.

Mr Breverton claims the family could well have had links with a nearby chapel dedicated to St Elvis – the only one known in Britain.


His book also points to the roots of Elvis’s mother, who gave birth to the rock and roll hero in 1935.

“His dead twin, Jesse Garon Presley, had a Welsh second name, and his mother Gladys had a Welsh name too,” said Mr Breverton.

“His grandmother Doll Mansell may have come from the famous family of Mansel from Oxwich on the Gower peninsula.”

Gower Society Secretary Ruth Ridge said: ” We will be appealing for help to see if there is any truth in the claims.

“It would be wonderful if there was.”

Paul Smith, of the Elvis Presley Fan Club (UK) said he was more inclined to believe the Elvis’s possible ancestral links with Scotland.

“I think everyone would like to make a claim to say that Elvis was born in their nation,” he told BBC News Online Wales.

“I think it would be a very good thing if Elvis – way, way back – had some connection with Great Britain, be it from Scotland or Wales.

“The family names mentioned bear out as being Welsh.


So the question remains 

Was Elvis named after St Elvis of the Preseli?

After all he was on the path!

Elvis and I read many hundreds of esoteric books together. We studied and discussed, searched and probed, always looking for answers to the unanswerable, each looking for his own purpose. Elvis and I learned many things from each other, as together we studied ancient wisdom and philosophy, religions of both East and West. Nothing was off bounds for our hungry minds. We practiced meditation and spiritual healing. We loved to play with numbers and words, creating new ways of finding mystical meaning in the ordinary. Mysticism spoke directly to Elvis’ fundamental desire to know what life was about, and thus it emerged naturally from the very marrow of his being.


Elvis’ deeper, philosophical side is light-years from his image as a sex symbol. Everyone assumes he seduced all of his costars.  The truth is, while he did have romantic relationships with a few of these beautiful starlets, he engaged in spiritual conversations with most of his costars and other coworkers on the movie sets.   Elvis gave them all books, many of them underlined, some with marginal notes he had handwritten. As Peter Guralnick wrote in his Elvis biography Careless Love:

“…He gave Diane McBain an underlined copy of The Impersonal Life and spoke to her of the spiritual precepts of (Paramahansa) Yogananda; and he set out to save Deborah Walley, who had played the leading role in “Gidget Goes Hawaiian” and was at that time lost in a sea of spiritual doubt and confusion. He told her, “Look, we’ve only got this moment together, so let’s have it completely. No holding back. No wasting time on trivialities. I’ve got the word; I want to give it you. I’m not a man, I’m not a woman—I’m a soul, a spirit, a force. I have no interest in anything of this world; I want to live in another dimension entirely.”


“It seemed as if Elvis was always off alone reading esoteric books or deep in discussion with Larry about God’s master plan for the universe.” 

Priscilla Presley

Text taken from


So now I will leave you all to muse!







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