10553559_10152254579641762_2848122475507997101_nWOW! what happened! Sent into a spin, a tale of unexpected situations for me to face!

My rock has been rocked.

Through the last few months life has been one big roller coaster ride, thrown into the depths of situations I never thought I would be able to deal with, or had to face AGAIN!
Im here am still standing and stronger for it.

I have to give a big thank you to my friends, my family, people who I never thought would be there for me and those who I thought would be & no where to been seen, so bye bye to you!
Life is full of insights and sometimes one is thrown all that one can take and still come out stronger and smiling.

My biggest healer and nurture has been pure and simply nature, it has kept me sane, emptied my mind of thoughts that I would rather not have, and most of all  healed me. Nature I love you!