Pemborekshire! Homeland.

I often wonder why my homeland has such an air or serenity, is it the reflections of our ancient landscape? Is it the stone circles, Standing Stones, Stone- row alignments, ancient woodlands, roaring or calm seas, the witnessing of Morgan La Faye or the mountain, the rivers, the waterfalls.  For me it is all.   so many places I have visited and many left to visit & to get to know, really too many to plot!  I wonder why the blue stone at Stonehenge came from this homeland,  was Stonehenge mirrored from a  structure local?  So many theories.  I have read a little on what peoples thoughts are on some of our sacred places, a lot makes no sense!  I only know what I feel and not what is written in any book. IMG_1721The majestical feeling of a sunset over calm seas P1000580_1The mountains oxygen to the cells pentre ifanThis is how I see Pentre Ifan IMG_0064I wonder what is the real truth regarding this place the pilgrims

walked too!

P1000665As I walk my homeland with each foot step I learn and feel more & more!

P1000660As I sit by tranquil waters it sooths my soul! IMG_0648Anceint Woodlands listen to  the trees whisper 7) Cairn and Ramsey IslandMystery of the Cairns 10524683_10152282846466762_672121585989502321_nBirds eye view, eyes of the sea kingarthurs tableSound chambers bh reflectionsReflections on many many different levels

The land knows, it knows everything, it has laid pure witness to every- thing, In your silence of walking & contemplating our landscape  it will tell you its secrets! Know your homeland! You might just be amazed. x